I agree with what this article says down to the very last sentence. I work in sales right now. I initially took the business to business sales job to hone my sales skills. I knew I needed to polish my ability to ask for what I want when it comes down to the wire. There is something about that final part of a sale that you have to deliver just right. Let the client know that you not only have the confidence to complete the sale, but also the ability to actually come through with the completed product. If you sound the slightest bit unsure you are going to be denied.

I am not a perfect sales person, but that’s why I put myself in this position now. I want to learn as much as I can now so that when it comes time to get a “real” job I will be better equipped to ask for what I want and get the results I desire.

My friends and family think I am crazy because I thoroughly enjoy what I do. I just know I am in the right place. I am working to build my skills so that I can further succeed down the road. When I walk into that interview and ask for what I want there will be no doubt who they will give the job to. I will be able to ask for it in such a way there will be no other option!