The mission that never ends

When I first opened the article and saw the original website I thought they sold scrap book paper and accessories. They definetly needed a makeover! I am not sure the new website was exactly the way I would have gone but I think adding the video of how the product works was a great idea! Showing the product at all was a step in the right direction for sure. The new page appears cluttered. It looks like a high school girls bulletin board. The results however show vast improvement for sales and that is what they were trying to accomplish. I say mission complete for now. Online marketing is kind of like the mission that never ends though. It goes to show there is some trial and error that goes into web design and online marketing. There is always room for improvement. Every time you turn around there is some new piece of technology vying for your attention. As long as they don’t build it and forget about it for another 5 years I think they will benefit greatly from the new site.