“Maybe Square can become for Craigslist what PayPal is for eBay.”

I am not sure if it is his innate ability to focus or his attention to every minuscule detail but this guy reminds me of Dexter. The show about the serial killer who kills the bad guys. He is either crazy or just extremely driven. I think you might have to be a little of both to be the mind behind something as innovative as Square. I have to admit I envy his devotion. I had never heard his name before reading this article. Now I find myself intrigued. The way that he shifts from one focus of study to another but always comes back to programming. The fact that he did not let getting the boot from Twitter kill his drive to be a part of something greater is inspirational to say the least. I am sold. I am on my way to twitter to follow him right now. I am interested to see if in fact Square will convert our society to a paperless one.