Jack Dorsey = Square

I had no idea until I read this article that this technology had come from Jack Dorsey. I think I used something like Square once at the Tulsa State Fair. Instead of swiping a card I just had to download an app.

This makes me a little nervous. A paper less society is probably where we are headed. I mean I get that it is the technological age and everything. I just have one question. Am I the only one that foresees major malfunctions in the near future? I guess I just don’t fully trust my cell phone to be my primary form of payment. If I haven’t lost it at least once a week since I got it it would be quite the surprise.

As I sit here I have tons of questions running through my head.

What if it goes dead?

What if you run it over with your car (actually happened twice in the same year)?

What if you got into a drunken brawl and your cell phone ended up in some strangers hands?

How do we protect ourselves from theft?

This makes me nervous. Who knows though in the next 10 years we could be paying for lunch with our cell phones. Wow if my mother could be here to see this…