I’ve got sunshine in a bag

It seems to me the measures being taken to better serve a target market walk a fine line between invasion of privacy and just gathering data for marketing purposes. The article gives an example that “When there was a single store in town in the 1920s, that shopkeeper knew everything about his customers”. This is true. But in the 1920s people also slept with there doors unlocked and windows open. In today society privacy is a much bigger issue.

On the other hand people also love to be marketed to with out them knowing it. In fact you are less likely to make the sale if your customer is aware they are being sold to. They want sunshine in a bag without someone blowing it up their ass so to speak. I think consumers want the piece of mind that comes with not knowing you are being spied on. I mean let’s face if you are being watched the only time you feel invaded is when you find out. Of course people don’t like being lied to either. Looks like either way the marketing department gets a bad rap.