Is an APP the Cure for Alzheimer’s?

Have you ever had something “on the tip of your tongue” but you can not quite remember it? If you frequently seem to forget some of the most trivial things, there is now an app for that! It is called Evernote.  “It’s a simple solution that brings sanity to the situation.” 

I have a love/hate relationship with the fact that they do not have an advertising budget though. On one hand I feel like this is dangerous and could possibly threaten the future of the industry I aspire to work in. On the other hand it gives us more room to evolve. I love that they are getting people to subscribe to their product with no push from them at all. They do not give you the dumb-ed down version for free to get their hooks in you and dangle to good version in your face every five minutes.

I am particularly impressed with the way Phil Libin runs his business. He seems to really have a zest for life. He has a 100 year plan for this business. He wants to reach the kind of staying power that is so far unheard of in the App industry. If he can achieve that kind of staying power he benefits not only himself, but several of his friends that are involved with this business. He also may just change the world.

They are now working on growing Evernote into an App family. They already have something called Evernote Peek for the iPad. It turns the iPad into a flash card system. I look forward to seeing what they come up with next!

As far as whether Evernote will cure Alzheimer’s that may be a bit of a jump. Who knows though. I guess we will have to watch and see.