Stayin’ Alive!

David Jacobs, publisher of the weekly Boston Courant, doesn’t believe a website is necessary to get readers to pick up his paper. This might just be because his paper is FREE! Most people these days are not going to waste money on something they can read online.

He says he will not launch a website until there is a viable business plan that will support the decision. Not that he is not ready. 8 years ago he paid $50,000 for a bad-ass website that just sits on his desktop waiting for the day when it might be published.

In a way it is a little refreshing to see someone stick to his guns about the online issues. So few people these days are able to take a real stand one way or another. His newspaper is growing in numbers so much that they are adding 2 full-time reporters. I think this has a lot to do with them only being in print. That is the only place people can get it. It gives them a novelty sort of feeling because there are so few papers that are only in print these days. In its stand against the online movement that just may be what is keeping them alive and thriving.