Six Steps to Live By?

According to Brad Sugars “The Fastest Way to Find New Customers” you need to piggyback on an established business. He gives these “6 Steps to Success”:

1.  Precisely define your target audience.

2.  Identify local businesses that serve the same market segments.

3. Develop a clear offer for each prospective partner.

4. Pitch the plan, highlighting the benefits to the host business.

5. Supply a letter for the host’s use.

6. Develop a strategy to convert redeemers to repeat customers.

I think that if you have this option this it is a great idea! Problem is what if you cannot find someone with whom you can piggyback? Most small businesses today are struggling so hard to stay alive themselves they are not looking to take any chances. The first sign they see that they might be helping someone elses business more than their own they are going to cut and run. I understand how this method might work. My question is how do you get someone to let you piggyback without them thinking you are trying to steal their business?