Recipe for success!

 I agree with Chick-fil-a’s President and chief operating officer Dan Cathy. If managers treat their employees the way they want the employees to turn around and treat customers a company will be very successful.

I recently started a new job. It is a call center environment but you would never know it from talking to the employees that have been there for many years. Everyone still loves their job! They talk about how much fun it is and how they love what they do. It is amazing to me to see this in a call center. I think this ties very much into how they are treated by the management.

The management staff is always happy and talkative. You get the feeling that they are actually happy that you are there. Not that they are looking for the next reason to write you up.

It has been my belief for a long time the happier your employees are the happy your customers will be. If you want to keep your customers coming back again and again treat your employees well. Give them pride in the company. It will show in their work that they really enjoy what they do!