There’s an App for that!

Though it is more than a little cliche it does seem that there is an app for everything these days. Getting jacked by your friends when you let them borrow movies? There’s an app for that. Want to get completely freaking wasted by mixing alcoholic beverages you have never heard of? There’s an app for that. In a new place and can’t find the nearest fast food joint? There’s an app for that. Need help getting back on track with your diet and exercise after sitting on your butt watching movies, scarfing down fast food and drinking excessively? Great! There are now several apps for that.

Kara Miller introduces 3 of the newest ways to watch what you eat and help manage your workouts. High-Tech Health: Apps For Exercise, Diet and More talks about how technology has been helping smart phone users live healthier lifestyles. Of course there was no failure to mention that you can use these apps on their websites…but who wants to do that! There’s an app for that!

One thing I took away is this, people  just don’t have the attention span they used to. Myself included. Kara asks at one point in the discussion, “why is it more effective to use technology rather than the tried and true ways of joining a group to lose weight?”

The first thing that came to mind is that these apps can give you much more personalized information. Plus who wants to go wait in line to weigh in once a week AND sit through a meeting! I don’t have that kind of time or patience.

I have not actually used any of the apps that were mentioned in this discussion. I did however use one called My Fitness Pro when I was diligently striving for a healthier lifestyle. It gives you the ability to search pretty much any restaurant and get the nutritional values of their meals. You can also scan in the food in your pantry and enter your servings etc. Last but not least you can also log your exercise and daily activities. Based on what exercise you enter it calculates how many calories you burned. It also logs it into your daily recommended calorie bank with your food intake so you have it all right there!

I think, like many things, dieting is going to the apps.