Social media…set it and forget it = wasting your time

Social media is the up and coming marketing tool. But if you do not know how to use it to your advantage you may as well not use it at all.

Every small business thinks they need a Facebook page and Twitter account because they are such a fast growing, highly populated medium. If you do not know how to hit your target market its a lot like running a new car ad in an Amish community newsletter. You need to spend time cultivating your current customers. Get to know them and what they like. Interact with them and keep the conversation rolling. Make them fall in love with your brand. Then not only do your current customers love your brand they will tell all their friends about you.

I know that personally I follow brands that I like so that I can have access to deals. I want to be considered a “preferred customer” even if I am not. I want the option to have the best deal with my favorite brand because if I don’t I am likely to hit the review boards and possibly try something else. I want the posts that appear on my wall from my favorite brands to be interesting and not irritate me with boring and mundane posts.

You have to keep in mind social media is not about the business it is about what the consumers want. It all comes back to that. If you cater to your customers desires you will hit your mark every time.