It’s not you It’s me

Facebook…you are just not enough program for consumers today.

I think that Facebook has shown everyone that there should be an open line of communication between the consumer and the store.  Waiting on hold for an hour just to get hung up on by the wonderful customer service agent no longer goes untold. The different forums available to consumers give them a platform to provide advice to other individuals about to make a similar purchase. It is nice to always have the option to get information from someone that has first hand experience.

I don’t think that the title is correct though. I don’t think it is just the next generation that Facebook is not enough for. I don’t only go to Facebook for advice on products I am thinking about purchasing. Actually it is one of the last places I do research for a purchase. Facebook definetly gives people a platform to speak directly with businesses when there is a problem or when they do something great. I think it has raised the bar as far as giving feedback to customers when there is an issue. I think that Facebook has opened the door to a new way of communicating. I hope to see this continue.