“Welcome to Kick Ass”

Wexley School for Girls is actually not a school at all. Even though they are not a school the name fits them perfectly. The advertising world in general could stand to learn a few things from them. Instead of the usual stuffy board meetings and lengthy power points telling the potential client what they can do they have been known to threaten blackmail. On the off chance the blackmail doesn’t work they have another technique they like to call “Welcome to Kick Ass”. This technique consists of building a one-page website targeted to a particular person and writing an original song. They have landed Pepsi’s red bull competitor, AMP with this technique.

Wexley got their big break when Nike put out a call for short films based around the idea “you’re faster than you think”. They submitted the following video

“The film aired on a loop on Nike’s website and in Niketown stores across the country. It hit more than 20 film festivals and became an Internet sensation”