Read & React: The Future of Advertising

The advertising industry is in the middle of an extreme makeover. It’s like the author Danielle Sacks said, “where there’s panic, there’s opportunity.” People who have been in the advertising industry for decades are freaking out. Before the more experience you had the better. Now the average length of time people in the industry have been at their jobs is 22 months.  The only constant in life is change so we have to be ready to adapt. If we view this revolution as a negative we will never survive it. The industry will never be the same but is that really such a bad thing? With reinvention comes new opportunities. If this movement is taken as an opportunity and people that have been in the industry for decades begin to take digital seriously they to will continue to flourish.  “With digital and social media, either you’re on the shore or you jump in.” I think the future of the advertising industry is bright and promising. But it is an all or nothing sort of thing.

You can find the full article here:


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