Read & React: No More Resumes, Say Some Firms

I have always sort of wondered what happens to your resume once you click that submit button. I spend all this time perfecting my resume. Does someone actually take the time to read it? Is it tossed aside into a pile with all the other applicants. How do you set it apart from the masses? It has always been a source of wonderment for me. Now all the workshops and lectures I have attended to help myself write a better, more precise resume may have been for nothing. That’s awesome! I have never felt that I could represent myself well enough on one single sheet of paper. I always felt there was something lacking. Now I will possibly be given the chance to show prospective companies what I can do by showing them what I have done.

This article shows that employers are not always looking for your past work experience as a determining factor anymore. It is more about if you will fit into the social aspect of the company. Instead they want you to submit links to different online profiles that you have and take surveys about dream jobs. They want to get to know you as an individual. Showing them that you are capable of branding yourself will give them more information that a single sheet resume ever could. I look forward to the challenge. 

You can read the full article here:



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