Read & React: How TED connects the Idea-Hungry Elite

TED, Technology, Entertainment and Design, is said by some to be “the new Harvard”. They have taken the most innovative and creative minds of our time and provided them a free forum to teach the minds of tomorrow. Not only the Elite have access to the information given at their invitation only conferences. Now anyone with an internet connection can go to their website and view their top quality educational videos on pretty much any topic they choose.

The TED “faculty” as author Anya Kamenetz calls them “are open to being changed by their interactions and conversations.” The atmosphere created by TED is one that teaches you something new every five minutes. Imagine if an average college campus were equipped with that sort of environment. 

TED is like the most amazing study group ever created. You are taking the most brilliant minds of our time and putting them together in one place and then giving the general populous access to it. I don’t see where you could possibly go wrong with a formula like that.  

You can find the full article here:



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