Read & React: And the Money Comes Rolling In

Markus Frind, Founder of, graduated from a technical school in 1999 and now has the largest dating website in the United States and quite possibly the world. Frind bounced around from one failing start up to the next before finally reinventing the game.This guy works less than one hour a day. He spends his life whatever way he wants.  Frind took something simple and kept it that way. He knows his website is not as great as it could be. He likes it that way.

Frind does not want his website to be perfect. If it were perfect he would not gain so much revenue from his advertisers. If the site leaves something to be desired than his users have time to surf and look at the advertisements.

This seems like a Cinderella story. Here is this nobody guy bouncing around from job to job. The ink on his tech school degree hasn’t even dried and he  has already been through a handful of companies. He says screw working for the man. Damn the man. And starts his own company. Instead of spending tons of money and trying to make this fantastic site he does the bare minimum. He gets advertisers and before you know it he is kicking’s butt!

So by “Being ever careful” and not having an “over eagerness for self-improvement” Frind has put himself not just at the top of his game but he is a leader in the extreme makeover of the digital world.

You can read the full article here:



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