Read & React: Giving Away Information, but Increasing Revenue

This article discussed TED’s ( TED stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design) newest business move. The new move is to stream videos free online that will strike the interest of the masses and in turn justify spending the $6000 to attend their invitation only conference held in Monterey, Calif. each year. 

The main goal is to produce more advertising revenue for TED. But it is also exposing millions of people to TED’s content that would not usually have access to it. The year that they began releasing the talks online is the same year they raised their price for the convention by almost 50 percent to the now $6000! 

After reading this article I started searching through the TED archives. I ended up spending a couple of hours watching exceptionally educational videos about anything from current political issues to reporting crisis via text message. It has a very crisp, clean, trustworthy feeling. I think that by posting these videos for free they are including an entirely new group of people…the public. Now not only the people who receive an invitation to their workshop can enjoy their innovative ideas. This move will exponentially increase revenue for the TED organization. They have made themselves readily available anytime day or night. Businesses these days without an online presence are living in the stone age. Consumers now want what they want when they want it and they want to know who they are getting it from and what they are about. TED making this move into the online platform definetly makes them a front runner in their industry. I think it has to be all about presence and getting your brand known and they are doing that very well. 

Click here to see the entire article:


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